PlayQuest Cafe, Party, and Play


  1. Adults must be supervising at all times.
  2. .Small castle – Suitable for children 3 – 8 years of age with a maximum of 8 children at a time.
  3. Medium castle sizes 5m x 5m, and 4m x 8m – suitable for children 3 – 12 years of age. Maximum of 10 children. We advise you closely monitor toddlers under 3 years of age at all times.
  4. If any children have head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, please do not risk further injury by entering jump castle.
  5. No food or drinks permitted at any time in Jump Castle.
  6. When used as outlined, just castles are super safe and super fun but flips and summersaults are dangerous and can cause serious injury and are not permitted in castles
  7. No silly string or streamers permitted.
  8. Jump in the castle, not at the entrance.
  9. Remove shoes, belts, glasses and all jewellery.
  10. No sharp objects permitted inside inflatable.
  11. Pets are strictly prohibited from the jump castle.
  12. Don’t lean on netting.
  13. No persons over 80kg’s allowed inside inflatable at any time.
  14. For safety reasons, please try and group kids to similar size before entering castle.
  15. Please do not enter or walk on castle while inflating or deflating.
  16. NO children to touch or play with motor, cords or pegs.
  17. In case of rain and /or lightning, have children exit Inflatable and turn off motor
  18. In case of accidental power outage to unit, have children exit Inflatable immediately then check for power disconnection.
  19. Any damage to castle or equipment will be charged to the hirer.
  20. For the safety of all, individuals not following safety rules should be excused from play immediately.

This Safety sheet will be provided on the day and will need to be signed by the adult in charge.


Used according to instructions, jump castles are one of the MOST enjoyable and fun items you can add to your party BUT…

With the import and availability of cheap chinese imports, many operators are now using substandard castles that could potentially harm your child and their friends. At PlayQuest, the safety and enjoyment of your family has always been our number one priority. Please be aware of the following when choosing…

Are they a serious operator? Beware of anyone renting only on the weekends.

How long have they been operating? PlayQuest has been operating for over 6 years.

Do they have a professional active webpage? This can be a good indication of a serious business operator.

Do they seem TOO cheap? Running a jump castle business is costly (quality castles, equipment, insurance, staff costs, liability, vehicles etc) If your quote is a lot less than the ‘standard’, it might pay to question why. Do you want to compromise your child’s day for the sake of a few dollars?

Are they insured? Yes, they are safe and a LOT of fun and it’s very rare that an injury occurs, but do you want to take that risk with your family? Ask them to provide proof of coverage!!

How much is enough liability? While 10 million is acceptable, it is on the lower scale. 20 million is considered normal in the childplay industry and is another indicator of a serious operator.

Regardless of who you choose for your special event, PlayQuest would like to wish you a wonderful and safe party.

And don’t forget, just like good insurance, if it rains…PlayQuest will cover ya..!! 