PlayQuest Cafe, Party, and Play


Are PlayQuest Jump Castles insured?

Yes, all our castles have personal liability cover up to 20 million dollars. Please feel free to ask us for our coverage policy

What happens to our Jumping Castle booking if it rains?

Rain is considered normal for us Northern Rivers residents and rarely persists for long. Some of our jumping castles are fitted with shower covers so intermittent showers are not a problem. If it looks like it may spoil your day, please call us at least 2 hours before booking time make alternate arrangements. If it begins raining during hire, please call us immediately.

What does the hire price include?

The package without supervision includes:

  • Delivery
  • Set up
  • Instructions
  • Pack up and Pick up.
  • 20 million Liability insurance
  • All equipment:

Jump Castle
All Power cords
Heavy Duty Ground Sheets

What ages can go on your party castles?

Small Castles (including ‘Megadome’) 3 – 8 years of age Medium Castles, 3 – 1 Adults are not permitted on Jump Castles at any time

What is the latest time you stay out?

We will need to begin packing up your Jump Castle at least an hour before sunset

Can I get it any cheaper?

Yes, at PlayQuest we reward loyalty. Our valued VIP members receive an automatic 10% discount on all Jump Castle hire (Please visit our webpage for at for details)

What happens if we cancel?

Just like booking a ticket for a concert or plane trip, your booking holds a position that then becomes unavailable to anyone else. We will refund your deposit if you cancel a minimum of 7 days before booking. If the forecast is for heavy rain for the duration of your booking, please call us a minimum of 2 hours before booking time and we will make alternate arrangements.If we don’t receive a courtesy call and deliver to your address, you will be responsible for the full cost of hire.

Can we use Credit Card to pay on the day?

Yes, our drivers have mobile Credit Card merchant banking facilities

Are your castles safe?

While we make every effort to ensure a safe fun filled day with our castles we can no more guarantee this as you can a safe afternoon in your backyard. Jump Castles by there very nature invite the very things we desire for our kids: Activity, fun, joy, socialization. All in a very small space. Sometimes they will bump. The good news: If they do fall, they’re designed for them to bounce right up again. That’s why your kids love ‘em so much..!! 

Can I book a Jump Castle for the local park?

Yes but you will need to apply to the relevant local council for a permit. Also be sure to check if the location has safe, easy access to power (we will supply all cords and equipment)